Nicholas Elias is an illustrator based in Long Island, New York, approaching every piece with a focus on narrative and emotion. He has a passion for adventure and a love for history, culture and mythology. His aim as an artist is to ignite one’s imagination, engage with emotions empathetically, and transport the audience to another time and place.

Nick’s work has been recognized by Infected by Art, The Art Order and Muddy Colors. His work has been published for playing cards, trading cards, catalogs, postcards and posters. He has taught courses in Book Design, Illustration, and Cartooning for a number of organizations. Nick received his BFA in Illustration with Magna cum Laude honors from the Hartford Art School.




Recent & Upcoming Publications, Awards, Exhibitions & Conventions:

  • Illuxcon 10: Weekend Showcase – October 2017
  • SFAL 2017 (Attendee)
  • Infected by Art Volume 5: “Pursuance” (Available Fall 2017)
  • Muddy Colors Rising Star Contest: 1st Runner Up
  • Infected by Art Volume 4: “Ares, God of War” (Available Now!)
  • Illuxcon 9: Weekend Showcase – October 2016
  • Julie Bell & Boris Vallejo Tribute Show: Gallery Provocateur – March 2016